What comes first? The phone or the internet? That answer does make a difference. Will you have just a cell phone and a coax internet circuit? Will you drop in fiber and run 100 VoIP phones over it? Gone are the days of phones on a copper POTS line being completely independent of any other technology. When the power went out, you still had a phone. Now, if the phones are on the internet and the internet is unstable, so are your phones. Here is the question you must ask yourself:

What is my tolerance level for phone and internet outages?

If you say zero, then we have a solution for you that includes multiple failover circuits and phone mobility.

If you say you can go a day or more, then we have a different solutions for you. There is a solution for every tolerance level but being upfront during the discovery stage will allow us to form a strategy that meets all your needs.

Both phones and internet circuits come in all sizes. We will work with you to optimize size and performance without overpaying.